Pilot 1

The goal of the first (initial) pilot is to test the first prototype in order to verify usability, functionality and reliability, and to add precision to the functional requirements. In particular, suitability, understandability, operability and attractiveness [ISO 9126-1] will be formatively evaluated.

Limitations, inaccuracies and other issues will be detected at an early stage in this manner, and addressed accordingly, with appropriate modifications to resources, scenarios and protocols. Furthermore, the first pilot will allow for an initial observation and assessment of the correlation between the Dem@Care system data and typical clinical assessment tools, as well as of the integration of the multi-sensor inputs.

The first prototype consists of tools of basic functionality for the monitoring of physiological, lifestyle and audiovisual data, a first version of situational activity analysis and of behaviour interpretation, and the first version of the closed loop for communicating feedback to people with dementia