D2.1 Ethical Literature Review
D2.2 Functional Requirements and Clinical Scenarios v1
D2.3 Training Data Collection & Annotation
D2.5 Ethical Guidelines
D2.6 Functional requirements and scenarios v2
D2.8 Stakeholder impact v2
D3.2 Early Fusion and Mining v1
D3.5 Physiological & Lifestyle Monitoring Early Fusion & Mining
D4.2 Activities Monitoring & Lifelogging v1
D4.5 Activity Monitoring and Lifelogging v2
D5.1 Semantic Knowledge Structures and Representation
D5.2 Multi-Parametric Behaviour Interpretation v1
D5.3 Behavioural Profile Learning
D5.4 Multi-Parametric Behaviour Interpretation v2
D5.6 Multi-Parametric Behaviour Interpretation v3
D6.1 Case-based Feedback Adaptation v1
D8.1 Experimentation Protocols
D8.3 Initial Pilots Evaluation
D8.5 Final Pilots Evaluation
D9.11 Final Dissemination Report
D9.2 Initial Dissemination Plan
D9.5 Dem@Care Video Showcase v1
D9.6 Dissemination Report and Updated Plan v2