The daily morning news TV-programme “Telematin”, has visited the “Université de Bordeaux 1” and presented, on 1st November, the pilot tests for visual perception that are performed there. The presentation points the new way of usage of small cameras in benefit of dementia disease patients. The film includes short videos from wearable small camera, which monitors daily activities of a patient, as cooking and cleaning. This videos can be taken either in a lab appropriate decorated as a house, or in patient’s domestic ambient.

Pr Jenny Benois-Pineau, Professor of Computer Science at the University, emphasizes the possibility of a patient taking video his daily activities, and his doctor observing this detailed video for assessing illness stage.  She explains that video pictures [data] are analyzed in order to identifying appropriate algorithms for recognizing person’s activities of daily living.

Dr Yann Caestel, Neuropsychologist, describes examples of daily activities [patient tries to light on with fire the electrical oven] and analyzes how these videos could support Neuropsychologist to detect unusual events which may indicate a worsening or improvement of their condition.

See the following video.

video shot