Dem@Care is featured in the latest newsletter of the Haivisio project. Check out the link and download the newsletter to learn more about our findings as presented at the Annual Conference of Alzheimer Europe and other interesting updates!

Haivisio is an EU0funded project with an objective to promote enhanced visibility and awareness in eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living projects.The  project invites relevant projects to engage in a collective and synergetic way, identifying best-practices, involving the most active partners and stakeholders and disseminating widely the added value and assets generated from each of these projects. As a member of the Haivisio network we worked closely with them to enhance our visibility and promote our findings and the work that has been accomplished in the context of the project.

This Newsletter is delivered to an audience of around 1500 contact including EU Research and Innovation projects (FP7:CIP, CSA Thematic Networks, AAL), European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA), European Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) “More Years, Better Lives” and External stakeholders (contacts from the European Commission, universities and research institutes, NGOs and industry) , etc For more information on the Haivisio project you may visit the website: