Prof. Su Shing Chen of the Dept of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Florida, Director of the Systems Biology Laboratory [] , gave a talk at CERTH ITI as an invited speaker on Friday, Nov 15, 2013.

Prof. Chen has extensive experience on topics related to bioinformatics, medical informatics, systems biology, digital libraries.

The talk was on “Data mining, Public Health and Personalized Medicine”. Its abstract follows below:

Data mining is useful to reducing the dimensionality of the big data sets in healthcare. We will exemplify by the study of microarray chips, a high-throughput technology, to represent various disease signatures in target networks, which lead to diagnosis and therapy of complex diseases, such as cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular and neural degenerate diseases (e.g., Alzheimer’s). The second part of my talk will cover information dissemination of public health and personalized medicine, their use of mobile devices and how to develop software infrastructures.