One of the key objectives of a research project like Dem@Care is to have an impact on society and its development. But as much of this research is published in specialized international academic journals it is read by only a limited number of people. Online video sharing technologies offer promising new ways for disseminating project results to wider audiences and stakeholders making the latest research and development accessible and easier to share. Using video as a means of disseminating research allows knowledge and ideas to be presented in an intriguing way. Video opens up a new window to the real lives and experiences of people in a format that is credible, authentic, and transparent and in tune with the 21st century. To capitalize upon all these benefits that online video provides the Dem@Care consortium has decided to partner with a video production company to deliver 4 distinct videos.

A short video animation clip to serve a video promotion of the project and present Dem@Care in a simple, engaging, visually effective and understandable way:

A video about @Lab pilot to demonstrate how Dem@Care can help in the early diagnosis of people with dementia:
A video about @Home pilot to communicate the potential of the use of ICTs and innovative analytics for dementia care from the Dem@Care perspective:
An overall project video to present the context and all the work that has been accomplished:
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