Activities of Daily Living were recorded at the Greek Alzheimer’s Association in Feb. 2013 with approximately 30 healthy participants and 30 Alzheimers patients.

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The participants were asked to performed the following activities of daily life using the Kinect (static camera), Gopro (wearable camera), WIMU, DTI-2 :
Enter room, Open a snack, Eat, Discard to bin, Prepare drink, Drink, Pickup phone, Dial number, Hang up phone, Open the cupboard, Take a book from the cupboard, Read seated, Handshake.

The second step was to perform audio recordings (sensors: microphones, DTI-2) :
The participants were asked to describe an image while looking at it, then describe an image while not looking at it, repeat sounds: puh-tuh-kuh for a few seconds and repeat sentences from Greek literature after the interviewer.

An interview followed to determine the elderly people’s attitude towards technology, system acceptability, and to receive feedback for the GUI (mockups).