DEMLAB – Dem@Care Lab Ontology for Dementia Assessment

The Dem@Care Lab Ontology for Dementia Assessement has been integrated in the Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) dataset, enabling its sharing and reuse by other datasets in the Linked Data Cloud (a human-readable description of the vocabulary is available here). The ontology has been developed in the framework of the Dem@Care project for representing the experimentation protocol towards diagnostic support and assessment of Dementia in a controlled environment. The aim of the protocol is to provide a brief overview of their health status of the participants during consultation (cognition, behaviours and function), and to correlate the system (sensor) data with the data collected using typical dementia care assessment tools.

Ontology-based Activity Recognition Ontology, Datasets and Algorithms

The ontology, a sample dataset and the methods for the ontology-based activity recognition component, as employed in DemaWare2, are provided here, for free usage. Interested parties can use the data for benchmarking, reproducing or results or extending the ontology to build their own solutions. In detail we provide: